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Yoga Nidra: Total Relaxation Practices for Adults and Teens is a 5 star rated widely used guided therapeutic  practice that induces a state of profound relaxation in which one's body is deeply stilled and the mind is settled into a quiet, refreshed state. The tracks in this recording nourish you on many levels and only require that you to lie down, press play and be guided. There is no physical movement in a guided Yoga Nidra.

" she leads you into a profoundly relaxed state from which you somehow emerge, a short time later, settled and refreshed. Refreshed as in not at all groggy! It's pretty amazing."  - review from user


Reduce cortisol levels

Regulate the nervous system by activating the parasympathetic ("rest and digest" branch

Settle and quiet a restless and ruminative mind

Sooth and regulate your autonomic nervous system

Reduce chronic and acute anxiety

Lower blood pressure

Enhance concentration

Promote sleep when used before bedtime

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Want some evidence based science? I know I always do. Here is one article to read, there are more:

Reviews of Yoga Nidra: Total Relaxation practices for Adults and Teens

"Therapeutic, no kidding! I am an ER nurse and suggesting your  recording to my co-workers because we all take a lot of stress home with us. I use this in the evening before I get ready to sleep. Thank you!" 

" I appreciate your calm voice and your wise, warm presence. I felt safe and am taking all I learned to heart."- note from psychologist

“Excellent!!! Donna has a beautiful speaking voice and her caring and expertise come through clearly…..This

recording is calming, clear and effective. Highly recommend.”

" It's on my phone and with me at all times. The anxiety that likes to haunt me and turn my mind into a thick web of fear is weaker. I lie down and listen several times each week and send you gratitude every time I get up feeling calm, focused and refreshed."  

"I've added this to my most highly recommended resources list for my patients; and I use it myself. Often!"- 

"…thank you, thank you! I’ve added this to my health  and mental health playlist and use it several times every week."

“Clear. Soothing. Music subtle, not invasive. Left me feeling absolutely clear headed with a soothed body."

“…thank you, Donna. This is helping me cope with my post surgical pain and anxiety. ”

“I practice yoga a little in between chemo treatments, and I always enjoyed the few minutes at the end in which the class simply relaxes to the instructor’s voice. The Yoga Nidra is (to me) an expanded version of this.”

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