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The Grace in Your Stumbles

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

As if we ever really know what will be

How tall the tree will reach or when it topples

What invisible delight hides in the morning dew mist shroud

The flash of cardinal red streaking past

Then lost (to us) in the bush

Perfect chaos is no paradox, it just is

Or it can be

Watch your certain NO morph into YES while sleeping

Turn your back the mountain

It will send the wind to lift you to it's peak

With it's 360 view of everything that could be

But can't be

Or can be?

Ignore the muse

She will pull you into her potent light

Plant sunflowers in your fingertips

Thread meteors into your fast feet

But you won't run

You stopped running

The running FROM is now a standing IN

All of it

The 360 view of all that is concealed and revealed

Concealed and revealed

In the elegant grace of your daily stumbles

Donna Sherman, May 2022

photo by Arlene Gerson

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