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Want It and Do It

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The positive behavior habit building series will start on Tuesday, January 18 and run for four consecutive Tuesdays ( Jan. 18&25 Feb. 1&8)

7 pm on Zoom

$225.00 for the series

In this 4 session, very focused, series you will work with one positive behavior that you wish-deep in your bones-to plant firmly into your daily life. You will be given specific instructions, tools and practices that will help you move through specific phases for establishing new patterns into your life that gain serious traction and momentum. This series is about rolling up your sleeves and daring to make deliberate changes in small increments with refined attention to detail.

Our inner patterning can feel like a behavioral and emotional straitjacket that keeps putting the squeeze on us despite our desires to escape its’ grasp.This engaging and dynamic series will utilize tools from psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness-based interventions, behavioral sciences and good old common sense.

Here's what will be happening:

You will define your clear, measurable heartfelt desire/goal.

You will be given concrete suggestions for incrementally designing your new pattern(s) that will both set the foundation for working towards your goal and integrate it into your daily life.

You will excavate your habitual patterns of thinking that influence your actions/behaviors/emotional cascades and utilize tools from cognitive psychology to redirect your thoughts and actions.

You will be given tools for working with setbacks and inertia.

We will work realistically understanding that human habit can be a formidable foe and we will be prepared to confront setbacks and roadblocks.

You will be given home assignments to work on between our weekly zoom sessions.

If you wish to sign up please contact me here or at with "Want It& Do It" in the subject line.

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