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                                                   Winter/Spring 2022

Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life Series (MPFEL)

Offered Through The Living Seed

Next series to start in early October of 2022. Exact dates TBA.

To enroll: https://thelivingseed.com/workshopsandevents

We all have an enormous inner capacity to cultivate resilience, insight, behavioral changes and deepening equanimity.  

We don’t need to seek hidden caves or climb high peaks to gain more expansive perspectives on life and its inevitable ups and downs,  

and we don't need to spend endless hours on meditation cushions separated from the very challenges that trip us up.

We can learn to meet life, on life’s terms, with compassion, increased focus deeper insight and skill. We can do all of the

above by  intentionally inclining/training our attention and actions towards deepening mindfulness in our everyday lives which essentially means that we learn to

meet life as life shows up with increased grace, wisdom and skillful actions.

This popular and innovative series will combine mindfulness practices, yogic philosophy, evidence-based psychology and behavioral science to help you build

yourself an effective, user-friendly tool kit that you can utilize in your everyday life. You will be given assignments/home practices to do between sessions

which will help you integrate the material into your mind, heart, actions and intentions.

If you have questions or concerns I will happily speak with you so don't hesitate to contact me at donnalynnsherman@gmail.com or through the contact option

here and we can set up a time to talk.

This series is also available for schools , businesses, and community groups and can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Guided Relaxation Under The Stars in the Planetarium 

2022 dates: Fall and Spring Semester Dates 2022-2023 TBA

Saturday (you asked and we listened!) January 29, February 5

Tuesday,March 29 at 7 pm

Saturday, April 2 at 4 pm

Tuesday, April 19 at 7pm

Tuesday, May 10 at 7 pm  (This one event is for solely for University students and faculty)

Masked. Limited seats. Safe.
Meditation Under The Stars
Time: 1:00PM
John R. Kirk Planetarium @ SUNY New Paltz
$5 per seat, registration required at: https://webapps.newpaltz.edu/marketplace/store/241

Join us for the rare and beautiful experience of being guided into a state of deep relaxation while seated in the

comfortable and star filled space of the John R. Kirk Planetarium on the SUNY New Paltz campus. The event

will begin with a night sky planetarium show led by Raj Pandya, Faculty and Director of the planetarium and

will end with a guided relaxation led by Donna.

A Guided Meditation Experience During the Lyrid Meteor Shower:

Receiving the Immense Beauty, Mystery and Impermanence of Life

 with Donna Sherman

For the SUNY New Paltz Faculty/Staff Contemplative Group

Thursday, April 21

JFT Building

State University of New York/ New Paltz/ New Paltz, NY

Deep Restoration Toolkit for First Responders

Woodstock Volunteer Fire Department

June23, 2022

(not a public event)


Want It & Do It: Untangle an Unwanted Habit and Embed a Positive Behavior


Tuesdays June 21 & 28, 2022 7-8:15 pm 


To enroll: contact me at donnalynnsherman@gmail.com with "Want it/Do It" in subject line

In this 2 session, highly focused, series you will work with one positive behavior that you wish-deep in your bones-to plant firmly into your daily life. You will be

given specific instructions, tools and practices that will help you firmly plant new patterns into your life that gain traction.


Our inner patterning can feel like a behavioral and emotional straitjacket that keeps putting the squeeze on us despite our desires to escape its’ grasp.Often

how we think about the things that prevent us from moving forward contribute to the dynamic of becoming mired in procrastination and negative self talk.

This engaging and dynamic series will utilize tools from psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness-based interventions, behavioral sciences and good old

common sense.

Here's what will be happening:


You will define your clear, measurable heartfelt desire/goal.

You will be given concrete suggestions for incrementally designing your new pattern(s) that will both set the foundation for working towards your goal and

integrate it into your daily life.

You will excavate your habitual patterns of thinking that influence your actions/behaviors/emotional cascades and utilize tools from cognitive psychology to

redirect your thoughts and actions.

You will be given tools for working with setbacks and inertia.

We will work realistically understanding that human habit can be a formidable foe and we will be prepared to confront setbacks and road roadblocks with our 

arsenal of psychological and behavior power tools.

If you have questions or concerns I will happily speak with you so don't hesitate to contact me at donnalynnsherman@gmail.com or through the contact option

here and we can set up a time to talk.

Settled Body, Spacious Mind: A Deep Dive into Deep Rest and Sleep Prep

On Zoom

Wednesday, April 20 8-9 pm

Contact me for information at donnalynnsherman@gmail.com or on the contact page here in "More" drop down menu


Individual Coaching and Consultation:

Settled Body/Spacious Mind

Learn to incorporate deliberate rest into your day allowing your nervous system to settle and your mind to be cleared from clutter so you can live and work

with a calm settled body and clear, refreshed mind.

Transform Negative Habits into Authentically Sourced Positive Actions

Gain precise insight into the workplace related patterns and habits that work against you and learn to utilize evidence-based tools to 

cultivate productive, fulfilling behaviors.

Cultivating Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

A rich, substantive deep dive into how to cultivate a clear, focused mind, authentic confidence, creative thinking and skillful communication

 in your workplace.

Workday Routine Diagnostics and Repairs

We take a look 360 look at how you work, your physical workspace, the triggers that cause you to lose focus at

the start, middle and late day dynamics of your day and then, together come up with specific, targeted fixes. We also explore how

you can cultivate more genuine joy and creativity into your day, your work and your work environment


Yoga Classes

Fluid, slowly flowing classes skillfully designed to cultivate increased strength, grace and flexibility of

body and mind. 

Privates, semi-privates and groups available directly through Donna at donnalynnsherman@gmail.com

Mindfulness- Based Interventions & Gentle Yoga For Trauma Recovery Program

Designed to meet the needs of your patients or clients. Can be done in a medical or outpatient setting.

Therapeutic Yoga Nidra Relaxation Recording

YOGA NIDRA: Total Relaxation Practices for Adults and Teens  

Available via Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes

CDs are available directly through Donna at donnalynnsherman@gmail.com 

Direct links to Yoga Nidra recording:



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