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Transform Negative Patterns into Authentically Sourced Positive Actions:

Gain precise insight into home and workplace related habits that work against you and utilize evidence-based tools to develop fulfilling, productive behaviors.

Cultivate Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence at Home and Work

A rich, substantive deep dive into how to cultivate sustained emotional insight, a focused mind, authentic confidence, and genuine communication.

Daily Habits: Diagnostics and Repairs

We take a 360 look at how you work, your physical workspace, the triggers that cause you to lose focus at

the start, middle and end of your day. Then, together, we co-create specific, targeted fixes and address how to build more creativity, purpose and joy into your day. 

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" ...the course was so much more than mindfulness. This work is helping me gain deep insights into my habits and how these habits drive behaviors that cause me to lose focus and confidence. I feel like I have been given the  gift of some high quality therapy and high powered tools! Thank you so much."   - Mindfulness for Everyday Life series participant