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 Skills-based guidance and coaching is:

 An effective combination of evidence-based behavioral science and psychology combined with

wisdom and practices from meditation and yogic principles; all of which aid you in creating, and sustaining,

positive behavioral changes in your personal and work life.

My background as a mental health professional (MSW, LCSW) combined with  my long-time practice of yoga and

meditation- as both a practitioner and teacher-allows me to offer you a custom toolkit that will, with time and 

implementation, cultivate enduring skills including:

  •  Gaining personal and systemic Insights 

  •  Increasing  Emotional Intelligence (EQ)    

  •  Learning and Implementing Self Regulatory Stress Reduction Practices

  •  Decreasing Anxiety & Distractibility

  • Hit Your Inner REFRESH Button

  •  Building  Confidence and Focus

  •  Practicing Clear, Honest and  Effective Communication

  • Building New, Positive Behavioral Patterns into Your Daily Life 


 To schedule a free 15-30 minute conversation to determine if what I offer is right for you, contact me




"Donna's delivery reflects a rare combination of clinical skills, a serious study of yogic philosophy, life lifetime of yoga practice and comprehensive training in mindfulness skills..."

Lisa Dale Miller,LMFT,LPCC,SEP Clinician and author of Effortless Mindfulness: Genuine Mental Health Through Awakened Presence

" I appreciate how you articulate complex phenomenon into clear, relatable language and then  offer concrete suggestions for how to bring it into my work and home life. Very effective. I enjoyed your compassionate, warm and down-to-earth style." SR  MPFEL series participant

"This work is helping me gain insight into the habits of my mind and it helps me see the ways my habits drive my behaviors that cause me to lose focus and confidence. You are giving me some high quality therapy along with high quality power tools!" DH private client



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