Thank you for visiting my site. Due to the realities of Covid-19 and our need for physical distancing, all of my classes, workshops, series,  and groups are in hiatus until whenever we are able to safely resume gathering.I will be teaching yoga via The Living Seed Yoga Center's on line program.  If anyone wants to do any FaceTime or phone sessions, we can arrange that. I will  keep this site updated so check the "Services & Classes" page. I wish you deepening peace and vibrant health! Go to You Tube and put "Daily Recharge with Donna Sherman" into he search bar and you will find some short, sweet videos that are designed to help you stay grounded and embodied during this unprecedented time. You can also find the videos here under "Daily Recharge Video" on the menu bar. Please feel free to contact me here or at


My work is about helping you- and empowering you- to identify and change patterns that interfere with your optimal functioning.Together we will co-create an effective and unique toolkit that will assist you in responding to challenges with a clear mind, skillful actions and genuine happiness.

As we  work together I will listen to and draw on my background as a psychotherapist, teacher of meditation, mindfulness-based interventions, stress/anxiety reduction specialist, yoga and Yoga Nidra instructor. 

Individuals   Educators      Businesses    First Responders   Heath Care Workers    Caregivers & Patients   Professional Organizations

"Donna's delivery reflects a rare combination of serious study of yogic philosophy, a lifetime of yoga practice, years of clinical experience and comprehensive training in mindfulness skills."

" This work is helping me gain deep insights into my habits and how these habits drive behaviors that cause me to lose focus and confidence. I feel like I have been given the  gift of some high quality therapy and high powered tools! Thank you so much."