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My background as a clinician (MSW, LCSW) for over 20 years along with my long-time practice of yoga and meditation (as both a practitioner and a teacher) allows me to help YOU disentangle from worn out habit-patterns and cultivate greater insight, skill, focus and wisdom into your daily life. 

                                                                                    APPLIED KNOWLEDGE  + APPLIED INSIGHT & WISDOM = POWERFUL THERAPEUTIC TOOLS





I have worked with, and continue to work with, individuals, groups, educators , community groups, executives, first responders, businesses and groups who have  have been able to effect  substantial positive changes into their daily lives.


                                                                                           Some words from clients and colleagues:

"Donna's delivery reflects a rare combination of serious study of yogic philosophy, a lifetime of yoga practice, years of clinical experience and comprehensive training in mindfulness skills…..” Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT,LPCC,SEP and author of Effortless Mindfulness: Genuine Mental Health Through Awakened Presence (Routledge)

Donna is a radiant human being and teacher. I have observed her in her work for years and she embodies a beautiful balance of compassion, clarity, intelligence and enthusiasm. It is readily apparent that her wisdom was absorbed through experience as well as through in depth study and discernment. Donna continues to empower others through her teaching, her podcast and her profoundly healing Yoga Nidra recordings." Stephanie Pappas, SEP,LMT, founder of Devalila Yoga Teacher Training.

" This series was so much more than mindfulness, this work has helped me gain deep insight into the habits of my mind and the workings of my heart; and it has helped me see the ways my habits drive the behaviors that cause me to lose focus and, as a result of that, confidence. I feel like I have been given some high quality therapy along with some high powered tools." DH ( series participant)

"I've added this to my most highly recommended resources list for my patients; and I use it myself. Often!"-  TC Medical Professional

" I appreciate how you can articulate complex phenomenon into clear, relatable language and then offer concrete suggestions for how to bring it all into my workplace. Very effective! I enjoyed your warm, down- to- earth style."  SR (private client)

                                                               Check out my Sparks In Action Podcast: Uplifting Each Other One Action at a Time


                                                                                    Also on Spotify, google podcasts, apple podcasts and more

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