"We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them."   - Albert Einstein

I am here to support and empower you by giving you highly effective tools and insights designed to help you detangle from worn out restrictive habit patterns with the ultimate goal of you living with greater congruency between your heartfelt desires and your daily life. As we work together I will listen to you and draw on my extensive experience with tools and interventions from psychology, behavioral science, mindfulness-based interventions, mindfulness meditation and highly practical wisdom from yogic philosophy.

Here is a description of the "Want It & Do It" series starting on April 5, 2021

In this 4 session, highly focused, series you will work with one positive behavior that you wish-deep in your bones-to plant firmly into your daily life. You will be given specific instructions, tools and practices that will help you move through four specific phases of establishing new patterns into your life that gain serious traction in your day to day living.

Our inner patterning can feel like a behavioral and emotional straitjacket that keeps putting the squeeze on us despite our desires to escape its’ grasp.Often how we think about the things that prevent us from moving forward contribute to the dynamic of becoming mired in procrastination and negative self talk.

This engaging and dynamic series will utilize tools from psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness-based interventions, behavioral sciences and practical common sense.

The atmosphere on the zoom will be both warm and laser focused.

April 5,12, 19 & 26 2021 6-7 pm

Cost for series: 125.00

Registration/Questions: Contact: donnalynnsherman@gmail.com with “Want it. Do it” in the subject line.


Here's what will be happening:


You will define your clear, measurable heartfelt desire/goal.

You will be given concrete suggestions for incrementally designing your new pattern(s) that will both set the foundation for working towards your goal and integrate it into your daily life.

You will excavate your habitual patterns of thinking that influence your actions/behaviors/emotional cascades and utilize tools from cognitive psychology to redirect your thoughts and actions.

You will be given tools for working with setbacks and inertia.

We will work realistically understanding that human habit can be a formidable foe and we will be prepared to confront setbacks and road roadblocks with our 

arsenal of psychological and behavior power tools!