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 Donna Sherman, MSW 

 Integrative,Skills-Based Guidance and Coaching

 Host: Sparks In Action Podcast 



Sparks In Action is an uplifting antidote to your daily news feed. SIA is all about bringing you inspiration and knowledge by introducing you to people whose actions and work contribute to our collective well-being-which is pretty much all of us. On occasion, I will offer some behavioral tools designed to help you live with more presence and skill. Many good things will happen here. Listen and join me in celebrating each other and the wondrous world we live in.



An effective combination of evidence-based behavioral science and psychology combined with wisdom and practices from meditation and yogic principles; all of which aid you in creating, and sustaining, positive behavioral changes in your personal and work life. My background as a mental health professional (MSW, LCSW) combined with my long-time practice of yoga and meditation- as both a practitioner and teacher-allows me to offer you strategies that will, with time and implementation, cultivate enduring skills and positive behavior changes. In addition to individual and group skills-based coaching, I offer private yoga classes.   

"Donna's delivery reflects a rare combination of clinical skills, a serious study of yogic philosophy, a lifetime of yoga practice and comprehensive training in mindfulness skills..."

Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT, LPCC,S EP Clinician and author of Effortless Mindfulness: Genuine Mental Health Through Awakened Presence


As a long time mental health professional, yoga and meditation teacher, I offer skillfully integrated perspectives and practices for living with greater physical and mental well being. My podcast,  classes,  private and group sessions are aimed at empowering you with knowledge, effective tools and the motivation to live with increased wisdom, health and positive impact.

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