I am here to support and empower you by giving you highly effective tools and insights designed to help you detangle from worn- out restrictive habit patterns. The ultimate goal of our work is help you  identify and change the patterns that interfere with your physical and mental health and your genuine fulfillment at work, at home and in your community.  

As we work together I will draw on my clinical background and my extensive experience with tools from psychology, behavioral science, mindfulness-based interventions, mindfulness meditation and the practical yogic philosophy.

In addition to individual coaching work, I offer classes, workshops and programs for businesses, schools and community groups.

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Workday Routine, Rhythms and Repairs (RR&R)

We embark on a comprehensive look at how you work;  your physical workspace, the triggers that cause you to lose focus at

the start, middle and later portion of the day and then we create targeted fixes. You will be given evidence-based tools tools that are designed to help you work with, not against your natural rhythmic cycles so you can maximize your most productive hours and refresh/restore your energy and attention when your energy wanes. Warning: Many hard working people have found that they experience more joy, fun, laughter and productivity after an RR&R intervention!

Settled Body/Spacious Mind: Reset and Restore Your Body and Mind

Learn to incorporate deliberate rest into your day allowing your nervous system to settle and your mind to be cleared from clutter so you can live and work with a calm settled body and clear, refreshed mind. These sessions are customized and can be utilized as either a one off or a few scheduled sessions.

Mindfulness Practices and Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Everyday Life

Learn and integrate an array of effective tools based on principles and applications of Mindfulness Practices.

Mindfulness is not a static state of being, it is a way of inclining out attention and directing our actions so we can live with greater insight, skill, resilience and emotional intelligence. Group and Individual Sessions Available. 

Transform Negative Habits into Authentically Sourced Positive Actions

Gain precise insight into the daily patterns and habits that work against you and learn to utilize evidence-based tools to 

cultivate productive, fulfilling behaviors. This focus works for personal and work/workplace patterns.

Cultivating Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

A rich, substantive deep dive into how to cultivate a clear, focused mind, authentic confidence, creative thinking and skillful communication in your personal and work life.




Donna's delivery reflects a rare combination of serious study of yogic philosophy, a lifetime of yoga practice, years of clinical experience and comprehensive training in mindfulness skills…..” LM

"The tools you taught us have left me with a lot more insight into my ingrained default mode and an increased ability to redirect my actions in directions that are solution- focused and very effective. Thank you!"  RC

" This series was so much more than mindfulness, this work has helped me gain deep insight into the habits of my mind and the ways those habits drive my behaviors that cause me to lose focus and, as a result of that, confidence. I feel like I have been given some high quality therapy along with some high powered tools." DH

" I appreciate how you can articulate complex phenomenon into clear, relatable language and then offer concrete suggestions for how to bring it all into my workplace. Very effective! I enjoyed your warm, down- to- earth style."  GR

"I work and live differently now; with a lot more clarity, focus and heart and I am way more productive!" SW