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My Love Affair...

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Hey, I need some way of grabbing your attention. Stay with me here and give me 4 minutes of your time.

So, what’s all this talk about the power of this thing called “Yoga Nidra”? Is it hype or is it something real? Is it even a “thing”?

Yes, it is a real and powerful thing and I have had an almost two decade love affair with it.

My love affair with Yoga Nidra began when, on a rainy Monday, my beloved yoga teacher, Parvathi Nath Saraswati, handed me a CD and said: "Try this.”

Later that day when my work was done, and my then- young daughter was tucked in bed for the night, I set myself up, hit play and moved into a realm of relaxation the likes of which I had never come close to experiencing. I vividly recall sitting up and saying out loud: “What was that?” I felt like my nervous system and my ridiculously over active mind had been cleaned out, ironed out, soothed and polished.

I began a yoga nidra practice 4-5 times per week and started to weave elements of Yoga Nidra into my clinical work when appropriate. The anecdotal reports from my therapy clients were remarkable, so much so, that some of my clients began the study of yoga with zero prompting from me.

Yoga Nidra is a guided practice that leads you into a resting state that is probably akin to (if not precisely) a delta, dreamless deep sleep state. It’s a little like an extended savasana but penetrates far deeper.

In a proper Yoga Nidra practice you are guided into a very still and settled somatic state; the gross body, muscles, organs, bones are all ushered into a level of settled, relaxation. Yoga Nidra always penetrates into what yogis refer to as the subtle body. This practice can't be led in a haphazard way, it works best if done in a systematic way that speaks directly to embodied experience and not to the conceptual mind.

Cancer & Yoga Nidra

It’s 2009 and I am in a huge grocery store looking at ketchup and wondering if buying organic ketchup is an indulgence or worth the extra money. I decide that regular ketchup will do when my cell rings. It’s a medical professional and as soon as I hear his voice I know it’s about my recent biopsy.

A few second later I hear the dreaded words: “ Yes, it is cancer. We are 100% sure.”

The cancer that was in my body was a type of thyroid cancer that needed treatment, the sooner the better. At that moment I did what any good yoga practitioner does: I freaked out!

So the medical odyssey began. You can probably imagine the moments, days, weeks and months that followed; those days were filled with dread, anxiety, vulnerability, surgery, radiation therapy, massive discomfort, and numerous visits to the hospital.

Throughout the cancer chapter I deployed all of my practices with the aim of keeping myself as grounded, healthy and present as possible. I was lucky to have a great medical team but despite their excellent care, I was a hot mess with a totally f***** up endocrine system. My circadian rhythms were missing in action, my nervous system was pumped up from suppression therapy and I lived in a liminal space in which I experienced simultaneous exhaustion and hyper kinetic states due to the treatment I was getting. Sleep was a precious commodity that walked right by me, night after night after night.

I deployed the hell out of all my therapeutic, mediation and yoga tools and the the tool that never failed me was Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra allowed me to get some deep rest when my energy was missing in action.

Yoga Nidra allowed me to reset myself from trauma and not let my anxiety carry me away.

Yoga Nidra allowed me to reset my fogged out, tired brain and continue with my work and activities that light up my soul.

Yoga Nidra allowed me to experience decent appetite again.

Yoga Nidra allowed me to soften into the whole experience and not indulge self talk like:

“Why me?” I never said that nor felt that. Cancer happens. A particular cancer grew in my body at a particular time and needed to be dealt with.

Yoga Nidra helped me align my mind and actions with my deepest, heartfelt desires about what I wanted to do with this precious life energy.

Yoga Nidra, after all my dear loved ones, became an even bigger love in of my life.

Six years post cancer treatment I created a Guided Yoga Nidra recording. I wanted to create a recording that was languaged in a way that was clear, unencumbered and accessible to anyone and everyone . In early spring of 2016 YOGA NIDRA: TOTAL RELAXATION PRACTICES FOR ADULTS AND TEENS was birthed. Now it is out and about in the world and hopefully working its healing powers on whoever listens.

So, if you hear me wax rhapsodic about this thing called Yoga Nidra please know that YES it is a real thing, YES it is a powerful healing practice and YES, I am still madly in love with it.

If you are interested, links for digital recordings are in "Guided Relaxation Recording" page.

Next public Yoga Nidra event will be at St. Barts Cathedral in Monday , December 16.

Park and 51st. NYC

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