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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Today's nugget comes from Judson Brewer,MD, Ph.D, Professor of Behavioral Science at Brown University.

In a TED talk Judson Brewer, who is both a renown researcher and a meditation practitioner, says:

" If you show your brain a behavior this is more rewarding than another, you will begin to gravitate towards the new behavior." He also uses the phrase "Bigger, Better Offer" to describe the natural self-correcting phenomenon that occurs when we know just how much better off we are when we pivot towards new, rewarding behaviors and therefore begin to aim for the "bigger, better offer." To get to this gravitational pull towards our "bigger, better offer" we need to be curious about the behavior/habit we want to loosen, become more intimate with what drives it and how we truly feel before, during and after.

For a good in depth conversation with Judson Brewer visit the Groundless Ground podcast with Lisa Dale Miller. Excellent interview with rich subject matter.

Join me tomorrow, June 25 at 5 pm for monthly RECHARGE at The Living Seed where I will guide you in a meditation practice, a deeply restorative guided Yoga Nidra and share a specific tool to help you weaken a negative habit and strengthen a rewarding one.

5 pm at The Living Seed, New Paltz, NY

Class cards apply and drop ins welcome.

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